Effective Classroom Interaction

My goal in teaching – beyond providing discipline-specific knowledge and skills – is to foster higher-order thinking capabilities. In my courses, I guide students to develop the ability to apply principles and generalizations already learned to new problems and situations. Strong emphasis is given to the general ability to draw reasonable inferences from observations available. To promote the development of these higher-order thinking capabilities, as well as to facilitate an understanding of course content, all of my courses are structured around two common themes: an integration of academic research to foster the development of analytical skills and the generation of hands-on, yet analytically sound, problem solving skills.

Exposure to academic research is an integral part of my course plans, in part because comprehension of course material is enhanced by an understanding of the methods used to discover that information. An emphasis on the discovery of knowledge helps to discuss methodology, and more generally, the importance of critical evaluation. To familiarize students with academic research, my lectures always cover the methodology by which principles have been discovered.

Currently, I am teaching core courses on Innovation Strategy within ESMT’s degree programs (Master in Management, MBA, EMBA) as well as selected modules in ESMT’s executive education programmes. Moreover, I have been teaching at leading international business schools including LMU Munich, Yonsei School of Business (Seoul, Korea), EM Lyon (France) and Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

I was listed on ESMT’s President’s Role for Excellence in Teaching in 2011, 2012 and 2016.