Empirical Research on Technology and Innovation

My research interests cover the intersection of firm strategy, technological innovation, industrial organization and digitization. I am primarily interested how the increasing importance of intangible assets and the associated challenges of value capture affect firms’ long-term strategy and innovation activities. In existing and ongoing work, I analyze how firms react to the changing landscape of IP regulation, the growing demand for IPRs and the increasingly aggressive use of these rights. My research addresses not only questions related to the regulation and the structure of the market for technology. It also includes questions pertaining to the management of innovation within firms in the light of increasingly data-driven product development processes and growing importance assets in general.

I address these issues from various perspectives and aim at providing solid empirical evidence as a basis for valid conclusions. Most of my research uses large-scale data that allow the application of advanced econometric and machine learning approaches including discrete choice models, dynamic panel regressions or hazard rate models with time-varying coefficients.

Results of my work have been published in leading journals including Academy of Management Journal, Harvard Business Review, Management Science, Strategic Management Journal and Research Policy. The Forschungsmonitoring ranking established by the Swiss Economic Institute (KOF) at ETH Zurich has listed me among the top 10% (according to the main SJR weighting) and among the top 5% (considering only A+ and A publications) Business Administration scholars at German-speaking Institutions considering lifetime publication record as well as considering publications between 2014 and 2018 exclusively.